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Area Conversion Calculator

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Stamp Duty Calculator

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Rent Calculator

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Compound Interest Calculator

Interest Rate per year %
Time to compound for. If compounding period below is days, enter in Days (e.g. 10 years is 3650 days). If compounding period is months, enter in Months. If compounding period is years, enter in Years.
Compounding Period(for daily compounding enter 365, for monthly enter 12, for yearly enter 1)
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As of today, your Purchasing power including the compound interest is: Rs.

Loan Comparison Calculator

Total Payments Interest Rate Principal Monthly Payment Interest  

Extra Loan Payment Calculator

My Original loan amount is Rs.

The Interest Rate I am paying is %

The original tenure of my loan is years

..... & The worst part is, I have stillmore payments to make

But Yes, I am willing to afford as well as pay Rs as Extra amount each month


Congrats, by doing so, you are bound to save:


Not only that, the term of your loan will be reduced by:

So, what are you waiting for, call your CA or call your personal account manager now!!!


Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Enter the balance of your current mortgage (ask your mortgage lender for the current payoff or look at your latest statement):
Enter your current monthly mortgage payment:
Enter your current mortgage's  interest rate:
Enter the interest rate you can refinance at:
Enter the number of years you can refinance at:
Enter the closing costs that you will be paying to refinance:
This is your new monthly payment if you refinance:
Monthly Savings:
This is how much interest you will pay under your current mortgage:
This is how much interest you will pay under your new refinanced mortgage:
You will save this much interest if you refinance and keep the new mortgage to term:
Net Refinancing Savings (interest savings minus closing costs):
NOTE: You can end up paying MORE in interest if you refinance a loan or mortgage that is almost paid off over a new longer term, even if your payments per month are much lower.

Life Time Savings Calculator

I am Years Old
I plan to retire at Years
I guess, I will live until Years
For my luxury items(It may include: Soft Drinks, Hard Drinks, Cigarettes, Night Outs, Restaurants, Bars, Discos & Other similar things), I generally spend(On Daily Basis) Rs.
In a month, the total number of days, I spend on the above items is days per month
But, if I happen to cut short on expenses which I think can compromise with my life, I can reduce the amount to (By substituting with lower-priced functional equivalent): Rs.
FEW stats for me you to ponder on:
If I Plan to cut down on my desires on my luxury itmes, I may save upto Rs.on a daily basis which eventually turns out to be a monthly saving of Rsfor me and anually, which stands at a whopping figure of Rs.. So, the time I retire, I may save uptoand till the time, I take my last breath I may save uptil

Bet, these figures startled you, right? Want to be more surprised, Carry on.....

Now, what if I were to deposit these savings into an investment as they were realized at an average annual interest rate of: %
Is this really my investment's worth at my retirement age:
I can afford to withdraw from my investment during each month a sum of:
And last but not the least, this is the total future value of my invested savings between now and my life expectancy: